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Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor

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These ceiling mount occupancy sensors are designed for indoor applications such as break rooms, conference rooms, and open offices. The optimal mounting height is 8-10ft and provide a simple on/off control of lighting. Settings can be easily adjusted in the field by the installer or end user. Simply remove the front cover using a small slotted screwdriver to gain access.

PIR Option: Relies on passive infrared (PIR) detection and work best in areas with a clear line of sight of all occupants and stable ventilation. The PIR sensor provides 360º coverage up to approximately 1,600ft² (⌀ 44 ft).

Dual Tech Option: Utilize both a PIR and ultrasonic sensor.
PIR technology is best suited for detecting tangential motion in areas with stable ventilation and clear line of sight. The ultrasonic technology supplements the PIR sensor in areas with low air flow, partitions, dividers, other irregular geometry, and high levels of minor activity.The ultrasonic sensor operates at a frequency of 32KHz and covers an area up to 900ft² (30ft x 30ft).  Key Advantages include:

  • Ultrasonic sensors can "see" around obstacles that would normally block PIR sensors alone.

  • Ultrasonic sensors are not affected by temperature therefore, in areas with limited airflow or in situations where occupants start to blend in the background, the sensor's accuracy is greatly improved.

  • 5 Year Warranty